Libwebp 0 Day Vulnerability CVE-2023-4863


We have resolved the issue. Thank you for your patience.

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A new 0 day vulnerability related to a program library utilized in many common applications has been disclosed. This vulnerability allows attackers to craft a malicious WebP image, and when opened, allows for arbitrary remote code execution. Initial reports of impact were limited to Google Chrome but have since been expanded and reclassified to many other applications. Omega Systems has approved critical updates for immediate release outside of normal patching schedules to address this issue in supported third party pathing applications - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, BitWarden, and Skype. This will not require a reboot to apply. If you subscribe to our third party patching service you will receive the updates if your machines are online. If they are offline, the update will occur the next time they are powered on.

If you do not have third party patching, we recommend manually updating your applications as soon as possible. Please contact your Technical Account Manager for additional information on our third party patch automation services.

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